SSCC welcomes a people from all walks of life, ages, paddling experience and paddling interests. Our members join us to meet new people, to participate in social activities, improve their paddle technique and skills, to get involved in club racing and inter-club racing and to develop skills that will enable them to transition from flat water to enclosed waters on Botany Bay to the open ocean.

We have a strong culture of being friendly, sharing knowledge and volunteering in a wide range of activities.

Formal club activities include introductory sessions, group flat water tours, and a monthly 5km time trial. Smaller groups of members are active in sea kayaking, marathon racing, multi sport events, ultra distance events, flatwater touring, canoe touring and surfski racing. If it’s happening in the NSW area, we probably have somebody who’s involved in it.

Sunday club activities and most of our regular coaching sessions take place in the waters around our clubhouse in the Burnum Burnum Reserve at Woronora. We also hold regular club paddles on the more challenging waters of Botany Bay.

The club is open most Sundays throughout the year, for coaching sessions and social paddling. Whilst some members arrive early for training, the club opens at 8am. All paddlers must be off the water by 10:30. The Clubhouse (and most importantly the gate) are closed at 11am.

The club facilities are located on the Woronora River so depending on their interests, members might head upstream to The Needles, or downstream to Como, with some continuing on to Alford’s Point on the Georges River, or even out to Botany Bay.

Approximately once a month on Sunday, we hold a 5km handicap time trial over a course from the clubrooms to the footbridge at Prince Edward Park and back. Outside the regular Sundays at the clubhouse hours, members paddle most days of the week.

After their paddle, club members make use of the club kitchen to get a hot drink and a biscuit to enjoy while they chat with fellow members.

SSCC Officials and Contact Information

Contact us via or message us from our Facebook page.

2022/2023 Key Office Bearers:

    • President: Gareth Stokes
    • Vice President: Annette Mathews
    • Vice President: George de Vos
    • Treasurer: James Stuart

Additional key office bearers* and club officials:

    • Training & Development Officer*: James Stuart
    • Environment Officers: Robyn Bingle and Alison Mrkonja
    • Member Protection Officer: Adrian Di Cesare
    • Coaches: James Stuart, Robyn Bingle, Gareth Stokes
    • Paddle Guides: Janet Small, Annette Mathews
    • Time Keepers: Kaye Laurendet, Annette Mathews, John Denyer, James Stuart

Dolls Point Paddlers (DPP) hold a weekly

  • 10km paddle each Wednesday morning, on the water (OTW) at 6:30am
  • Thursday 6pm during daylight savings.

DPP paddles usually start from the Georges River 16ft Sailing Club.

Paddle Australia, Paddle NSW and Other Awards & Nominations

2022 Kaye Laurendet PNSW Life Member
2021 Robyn Bingle PNSW Environment Award (inaugural winner)

PNSW Announcement
The Leader News Clipping

2021 Annette Mathews PNSW Volunteer of the Year (joint winner)

PNSW Announcement

2020 Bob Turner PNSW Coach of the Year (joint winner)
PNSW Press Release
2020 Bob Turner 2020 Paddle Australia Club Coach of the Year nominee
2020 Mark Sundin PNSW Image of the Year
PNSW Press Release
2018 Kaye Laurendet Distinguished Long Service Award
News Clipping
2016 Bob Turner PaddleNSW Official of the Year
2016 Bert Laurendet PaddleNSW Masters Paddler of the Year 2016
2014 Joan and Bruce Morison NSW Sports Federation Awards – Distinguished Long Service Award
Accepted by Steve and Kate Dawson
2009 Bruce Morison Medal of the Order Of Australia (OAM) for services to the sport of canoeing
2003 Joan Morison Canoeing Australia Life Member
Canoeing Australia became Paddle Australia
1992 Joan Morison Medal of the Order Of Australia (OAM) for services to the sport of canoeing and in 2003 became a life member of Australian Canoeing.
1981 Joan Morison PNSW Life Member
1980 Bruce Morison PNSW Life Member


SSCC Honour Board

December 2021 Kaye Laurendet Life Member
2009 Bert Laurendet Life Member
tbc Bruce Morison Life Member
tbc Joan Morison Life Member
2021/22 to current Gareth Stokes President
2017/18 to 2020/21 John Denyer President
2013/14 to 2016/17 Steve Dawson President
2010/11 to 2012/13 Rowland Jones President
2007/08 to 2009/10 Peter Tuziak President
2006/07 Bill Graham President
2004/05 to 2005/06 Vilma Hodgson President
2002/03 to 2003/04 Neil Lerve President
2000/01 to 2001/02 Ken Mobbs President
1999/2000 Robyn Claydermin President
1997/98 to 1998/99 John Morgan President
1996/97 Laurie Eames President
1995/96 John Morgan President
1993/94 to 1994/95 Bruce Morison President
1992/93 Brian Warton President
1990/91 to 1991/92 Rosemary Clare President
1988/89 to 1989/90 Laurie Eames President
1986/87 to 1987/88 Steve Denyer President
1985/86 Denis Welton President
1984/85 Mark Welsh President
1982/83 to 1983/84 Bert Laurendet President
1980/81 to 1981/82 Ross Morgan President
1979/80 Joan Morison President
1977/78 to 1978/79 Gordon Hocking President
1975/76 to 1976/77 Bruce Morison President
1974/75 Elizabeth Hodsdon President
1973/74 Bob Lawton President
1972/73 Albert Hopkins President


SSCC Annual Award Winners

SSCC Club Awards

Respect for the D’harawal People

The D’harawal Country and language area extends from the southern shores of Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) to the northern shores of the Shoalhaven River, and from the eastern shores of the Wollondilly River system to the eastern seaboard.

Sutherland Shire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

D’harawal Calendar and Seasons

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have developed an intricate understanding of the environment over many thousands of years.

Have you ever wondered what the seasons are that the D’harawal People use? The BOM website has this info and more.

Who was Burnum Burnum?

Burnum Burnum was an Australian Aboriginal activist, actor, and author. He was a Woiworrung and Yorta Yorta man at Wallaga Lake in southern New South Wales. He was originally named Harry Penrith but took the name of his great grandfather, which means Great Warrior. He may be best remembered for planting the Aboriginal flag on the white cliffs of Dover on the Australian Bicentenary Day of 26 January 1988.

Burnum Burnum also played first grade Rugby Union for Parramatta, New South Wales, and both rugby league and cricket.

Burnum Burnum lived in Woronora in his later life and was active in the local community. In 2005 Jannali Reserve was renamed Burnum Burnum Reserve in his honour.

More information


Burnum Burnum, Fighter For Australia’s Aborigines

SSCC schedules trial paddle days to provide an opportunity for potential new club members and paddlers new to the sport an opportunity to check out our facilities, learn some basic kayaking skills and have a guided paddle with us in a safe and friendly environment. Our aim is to give new paddlers a fun paddling experience and hopefully entice them to join our club and paddle with us on a regular basis.

Trial paddlers must be confident in the water and be able to swim. Junior trial paddlers between 8 and 12 must be accompanied on the water by a parent / guardian. Unfortunately we don’t take children under 8 on trial paddle days.

For information about the next Trial Paddle Day contact the Committee ( )

A fee of $45 for adults and $25 for juniors (under 18) covers the cost of: boat and equipment hire, basic paddle technique tuition, a supervised paddle on the Woronora River (you can expect to be on the water for approximately 60 minutes), morning tea and personal accident and public liability insurance coverage for a single trial session.

News Clippings

2019-122 Sutherland Shire Canoe Club to hold 2019 ‘come and
try’ day

2018-11 Canoe clubs to host ‘come and try day’ on the Wonnie

All paddlers must wear a correctly fitted Level 50 or 50S non-inflatable lifejacket that conforms to Australian Standards on all SSCC and DPP club paddles.

For all DPP paddles, Ski or SUP paddlers must wear a leg leash at EVERY event. Only paddler should wear a leg lease in a double ski.

SSCC COVID-19 Safety Plan

Paddle Smart paddle safety guidelines

Paddle Prep

Paddle Australia Safety Guidelines


Club t-shirts and hats are available from the clubhouse on Sunday mornings.

All paddlers must wear a correctly fitted Level 50 or 50S non-inflatable lifejacket that conforms to NSW Maritime rules and Australian Standards on all SSCC and DPP paddles.

For all DPP paddles, Ski or SUP paddlers must wear a leg leash at EVERY event. Only one paddler should wear a leg lease in a double ski.

Paddle NSW Polices

Paddle Australia Policies

Paddle NSW Images – photos from the Marathon, Ultra Marathon and Harbour Series races