As a member of the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club you will have access to the clubhouse facilities, boats, equipment, showers, and toilets. You’ll also be joining a group of the friendliest and most helpful club members any paddler could hope to meet.

All members must be confident in the water and be able to swim.

Membership comes in two parts. First you sign up to PaddleNSW (PNSW), the governing body for the sport in NSW.  PNSW provides insurance and representation. Once you’ve signed up to PNSW you then take out a membership with the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club.

Benefits of Being a Member of SSCC / DPP

  • Our club caters for paddlers of different abilities, ages and craft
  • Our members are very friendly. They freely share paddle stories and tips.
  • New members can use club boats and equipment while they get their own kayak or ski. As club equipment is in high demand we require new members get their own boat, etc as soon as practical
  • The primary day for activities at the clubhouse is Sunday mornings (between 8 and 11). Most of our members paddle from the clubhouse at Woronora every Sunday
  • Our Training and Development team works with our members to help develop their paddling skills. We offer regular coaching sessions and skills development workshops such as remount training.
  • Once a month, we run club time trials over a 5km course on the Woronora River. We also run a 10K time trial series on Saturdays
  • Guided social paddles are offered on a semi-regular basis
  • Many of our members, including our juniors, actively participate in Paddle NSW events, such as marathon racing
  • Membership to SSCC includes membership to Dolls Point Paddlers (DPP). DPP caters for open water paddling. They hold weekly sunrise paddles on Botany Bay all year plus evening paddling in the summer months. Participation in DPP paddles is subject to the weather conditions and your skill level
  • A summary of club activities including coaching and development sessions is emailed out weekly
  • Park in the club’s car park and launch your boat from the clubhouse
  • Access club discounts
Our Coach showing one our our young juniors how to hold the paddleOur coach standing on the left of a circle of novice paddlers practicing their stroke

Do I need my own boat/paddle?
New members are able to use club boats and equipment while they’re getting their gear. Club equipment is in high demand so we require new members to get their own gear as soon as practical.

We recognise that it’s not practical for all families to fully kit our our junior members. Whilst we encourage juniors to get as much of their own equipment as practical (such as their own PFD and paddle) they can use club boats, etc on an ongoing basis. In return, we encourage the parents / guardians of our junior members to actively volunteer to support club activities.

What sort of boat/paddle should I get?
One of the things you’ll notice when you visit is that the kayaks the club members paddle come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular boats in the club are ocean skis and racing kayaks like K1 and TKs. But there a vast variety of boats – there’s fast kayaks, touring kayaks, sea kayaks, and a dozen other specialty styles. Paddlers love talking about their boats, so take some time to talk to our members about what sort of paddling you think you want to do and what sort of kayak would suit you.

The club is also a good source of second hand equipment as members evolve through different aspects of the sport.

I’m interested in xxxxxxx can the club help me?
The club promotes all sorts of paddling and we welcome everybody. Within the club we have members who have specialised interests in all aspects of kayaking, canoeing, and paddle sports. If you’ve got a specialised interest, we will have somebody who shares it.

I’m worried that I’ll capsize and won’t be able to get out of the kayak.
Most people start out that way, but we’ll soon put your mind at ease and show you its nothing to be concerned about. You can improve your skills and confidence by participating our regular coaching sessions and supervised social paddles.

We hold an annual ski safety day were we teach paddlers to remount and some basic assisted rescue techniques. For those who paddle on Botany Bay, we regularly practice remounting.

Do I need to be physically fit?
Not really. Kayaking is a very low impact sport which attracts participants from all ages. We have active members in their 80’s. Our location on the Woronora River allows members to explore as far as their fitness and time allows.

Where can I get more information?
Contact us via email ( or via our a Facebook page

Sutherland Shire Canoe Club is affiliated with PaddleNSW Inc (PNSW), the peak body for paddle sports in NSW. PaddleNSW provides representation and insurance for clubs and events across NSW. PaddleNSW is further affiliated with Paddle Australia for national representation. Membership of PaddleNSW is managed through the Australian Canoeing website.

Paddlers who are not insured as members of Paddle Australia, wanting to participate in an SSCC event must pay a $20 single event fee to cover insurance.

Benefits of PNSW Membership

  • Club Membership information
  • Access to regular recreational paddles
  • Eligibility to enter State (Club Member) events
  • Optional eligibility for National Championship Titles
  • Public liability insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance whilst participating in any endorsed PaddleNSW activity
  • Discounted coaching courses
  • Discounted Instructor courses linked to the Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme
  • Discounted event entry PaddleNSW sanctioned events only
  • Access to our extensive club and social network
  • PaddleNSW electronic E-news

Advocacy on Behalf of PNSW Members

PNSW is an official Boating Safety Partner with Maritime NSW. They also have a seat on the Recreational Vessels Advisory Group (RVAG) that comprises representatives of peak recreational user groups, including Yachting NSW, Australian Power Boat Association, NSW Rowing Association, NSW Water-Ski Association and Boat Owners’ Association of NSW as well as representatives from Marine Rescue NSW and NSW Police.

Schedule of Fees (2023-24)

Sutherland Shire Canoe Club / Dolls Point Paddlers Annual (fixed date) membership fees are due on 1 July.
All fees include the SSCC club fee and the Paddle Australia / Paddle NSW membership fees.

Adult New Member 1 $160
Adult New Member with Trial Paddler Discount (conditions apply) 2 $115
Adult Renewing Member $150
Adult Associate Member 3 $115
Adult SSCC Life Member $85
Adult Life Member of SSCC and PNSW $45
Junior Member (8-18yrs) $87.50
Junior New Member with Trial Paddler Discount (conditions apply) 2 $67.50
Non-paddling Volunteers Free
Secondary Club Membership – Senior 4 $65
Secondary Club Membership – Junior 4 $45
Single Guided Trial Paddle (Trial Member) – Adult 5 $45
Single Guided Trial Paddle (Trial Member) – Junior 5 $25
Have-a-Go Paddle Workshop – Adult 7 $72
Have-a-Go Paddle Workshop – Junior 7 $36
  1. A discount is applied to the fees for new adult members between 1 January and 30 June
  2. Trial paddlers are eligible for a membership discount if they join the club within 4 weeks of their trial paddle session. The offer is not available to trial paddlers outside that period,  Renewing Members or paddlers who hold a membership with another club. 
  3. The Associate Member is for a paddlers who wish to be associated with the club but are not active paddlers with the SSCC but still want to receive the insurance benefits of being a member of Paddle NSW / Paddle Australia.   
  4. Secondary Club Members are wholly responsible for ensuring they are financial members of their primary club and PNSW for insurance and administration purposes.
  5. The trial paddler fee covers the cost of: boat and equipment hire, basic paddle technique tuition, a supervised paddle on the Woronora River, morning tea and personal accident and public liability insurance coverage for a single trial session.
  6. The Have-a-Go Workshop involves multiple trial paddlers. You will receive a coaching session from our Coaches, a guided paddle, boat and equipment hire, morning tea and personal accident and public liability insurance.

Joining the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club

  • You’ll need a credit card to complete your registration
  • You need to become a member of Paddle Australia as well as the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club 

Let’s get you signed up:

  1. Click here for PaddleAustralia
  2. Select the Join or Renew Option
  3. If you haven’t already got one, create your PA account and personal profile.
  4. Once you have completed the PA join or renewal process you will have membership of the
    • National Body: Paddle Australia
    • State: New South Wales
  5. Use the Club Finder tool to select Sutherland Shire Canoe Club from the Club list to start the club membership process.
  6. Then select a suitable membership category for your age and needs
    • The cost includes the SSCC and PA membership fees


Need Help?


To stay informed about what’s happening at the club:

    • Like us on Facebook
    • Members also receive regular emails about club activities

We also have a number Facebook Messenger chat groups – including a general club chat group, a Tuesday coaching session group and a DPP group.

Did you know that one of your member benefits is that you can access competitively priced paddle craft and equipment insurance through Paddle Australia’s Paddle Protect insurance policy?

Your membership to Sutherland Shire Canoe Club includes paddle insurance from Paddle Australia – more information