Dolls Point Paddlers and the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club is excited to be hosting Race 2 of the 2024 PNSW Harbour Series

the Dolls Point Classic on Botany Bay

Sunday the 19th of May 2024


Registration is only online via webscorer (no on-the-day entries)
Early bird entries close Monday 13 May; final entries close *6pm* Thursday 16 May

Public Notice

Race Briefing


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We acknowledge the traditional name of the waters on which this event is held as Kamay.

Where: Depena Reserve, Dolls Point, McMillan Avenue, Sandringham
When: Sunday 19 May 2024
Registration: Online registration only (via webscorer)
Early Bird Entries Close: Close Monday 13 May
Entries Close: 6pm, Thursday 16 May
Race Briefing: Communicated via email to entrants on Friday 5th May
Series Information & Rules: Paddle NSW Harbour Racing Series


The objective of the PNSW Harbour Series is to provide a series of races in more protected waters that will provide for close and exciting racing, some potentially challenging conditions, and a pathway for those paddlers wanting to progress to more exposed open water paddling events.

The traditional name of Botany Bay is Kamay.

Sutherland Shire Canoe Club and Dolls Point Paddlers acknowledge the Dharawal and Eora peoples and their associated clans as the traditional owners of waters of Kamay and the adjacent land.

We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture, and we acknowledge the Dharawal and Eora peoples as the first paddlers on the Botany Bay. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

This year we’re racing in the Dharawal season of Marrai’gang which loosely means wet becoming cool, Quolls are seeking mates and the Lillypilly fruit ripens.

Check-in 07:00 – 08:15 am
Race Briefing 07:50 am Briefing via email and, COVID permitting, on-site at 7:50am
Race Starts: 08:25 am Wave 1 – Long Course: Female 50+ and older; Male 60+ and older; All Juniors, All OC1 & 2, and Sea Kayaks
08:35 am Wave 2 – Long Course: Female Open & 40+; Male Open, 40+ & 50+; All Doubles
08:38 am Wave 3 – Short Course: All craft, all ages (including SUP)

The short course is approximately 8km, and the long course is approximately 14km.


The start line will be between a Yellow and Black cardinal marker and a pink permanent buoy. Paddlers are required to stay 50m behind the buoys until the race has been called to the start.

DO NOT break the Start. You must remain behind the IRB bringing your start to the start line. The IRB will move to the yellow and black buoy at the start line (opposite the start boat). Anyone breaking the start will incur a 2 minute penalty. VIDEO WILL BE TAKEN THIS YEAR.

The Start procedure will be as follows:

  1. Green flag will be raised 2 minutes prior to each start
  2. Red flag will be raised 1 minute prior to each start
  3. An AIR HORN will sound the race start.

Short Course Description

From Start, paddle in a South East direction and turn left around the pink buoy and head north towards Dolls Point. There will be an IRB leading the way.
Follow the shoreline along the groynes to the left turn pink buoy located near the Novatel.
Head south directly back along the shoreline to Dolls Point, turn right across the Sailing Club beach and through the finish buoys.

Long Course Description

From Start, paddle in a south east direction and turn left around the pink buoy and head north towards Dolls Point. Follow the shoreline along the groynes past the Novatel to the right turn yellow buoy near the entrance to Cooks River. Head East towards the end of the runway and turn right around the yellow buoy. Head south west directly back to Dolls Point, turning right across the Sailing
Club beach and through the finish buoys.


The Finish Line will be between two black and white chequered buoys.

Course Rules

  • You MUST GIVE WAY to all other waterway users.
  • Remember, you are required to assist any paddlers in difficulty throughout the race.
  • If you see any of the safety boats wave a red flag on course, the race has been stopped and you must proceed as directed by the safety boat. 
  • Your course will be marked by large yellow and pink buoys which are the new standard for Harbour Racing. Turn RIGHT around YELLOW and LEFT around PINK buoys. There is only one yellow buoy which you must turn around as you come to the Finish Line.


Satellite Overlap Map

Dolls Point Classic Course Map Long and Short 2021

The Dolls Point Classic is held on Botany Bay, which can present a range of hazards and challenges for watersport participants. Of particular note along the DPC course are:

  • Several groynes stretching out from the western beaches along the northern leg. These rocky structures are marked with cardinal markers. Some have clearance close to the marker, but paddlers are advised to stay a couple of metres out from the markers to ensure clear water. Localised strong currents form along the groynes and often stretch out in eddies off the end for several (tens of) metres.
  • The groyne at Dolls Point (first groyne of the race) is particularly hazardous, being placed on the corner. Eddy currents and swirls are common tens of metres away from the end of the groyne. Sand bars can also cause localised (breaking) waves along the groyne when there is swell within the bay.
  • Swimming enclosures are present along the western beaches of the northern leg, featuring pylons and netting. Stay a couple of metres clear in case of objects snagged to the enclosures.
  • There is an exclusion zone extending from the runway along the south-eastern leg of the course. This is clearly marked with yellow buoys. You MUST stay outside the line of yellow buoys at all times.
  • The bay can get popular with motorised and sail craft. Along the western return leg of the course, you may be intersecting with other craft, and should follow standard maritime rules of navigation, keeping a look out.

The Rules and the Cancellation Policy can be found on the Paddle NSW Harbour Series website

Three safety vessels will be on the water during the race.

A professional First Aid Office will be stationed at the start/finish line. Numerous race officials and volunteers have current first aid qualifications.

Ensure you have the minimum safety equipment as per the PNSW Harbour Series Rules for the full list of compulsory equipment. No exceptions will be granted.

  • All paddlers must wear a Level 50 or 50S non-inflatable lifejacket that conforms to Australian Standards.
  • One paddler of every Ski, Outrigger Canoe, Va’a or SUP must wear a leg leash at EVERY event. Paddle leashes or use of both paddle leash and leg leash together are not advised for Ski paddlers.
  • All kayak paddlers are advised to wear a spray-skirt and use a
    paddle leash. Kayaks must have bulkheads and sealed
    compartments to provide buoyancy

Entry and parking is via Depena Reserve at the end of McMillan Avenue.

DO NOT USE the Sanoni Avenue entrance or carpark – these are reserved for Coffee Shop and Sailing Club patrons, and members of the general public accessing Dolls Point.

Drivers will be given a parking ticket which MUST be displayed on their dashboard. Failure to comply with parking instructions may result in a parking fine.

Points will be awarded to boats based upon their finishing position within their entered Division and, where applicable, Age Category:

  1. Division 1, 2 and 3: –
    • Single Ski – U18, Open (19-39), 40 – 49, 50 – 59, 60+, 70+
      The last year a paddler can compete in the U18 Age Group is the year of their 18th birthday.
    • Double Ski – all ages
    • OC1 – all ages
    • OC2 – all ages
    • OC6 / Dragon Boat – all ages vi. Other Craft – all ages
  2. Division 4 (SUP) – all ages

The conditions of Botany Bay are variable with wind and tide effects.

Of particular note is the meeting of flows from the Cooks River and the Georges River at Dolls Point – craft can be abruptly turned and sand bars here can cause wave crests to rise.

Paddlers should check the weather forecasts and tide information and ensure they paddle within their abilities. Dress appropriately for the conditions.

Photo of paddlers on Botany Bay heading towards Doll's Point, past a sandy beach.

All events need volunteers and the Dolls Point Classic is no exception.

If you’re not planning to paddle, why not email to join the volunteer team?

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The event was renamed from the Botany Bay Classic to the Dolls Point Classic in 2017