The Sutherland Shire Canoe Club is delighted to host the 2021 5Km Time Trial Series. Starting and ending at just north of the Burnum Burnum boat ramp competitors paddle a 5 kilometre lap course. Juniors have the option to paddle a 5 km or 2 km course.

Occasional specialty time trials are held with different distances. Keep an eye on the club calendar and the Google Group.

All entries close at midnight on the Thursday before the event.
Don’t miss out!

Paddlers lining up for a SSCC 5 km TT on the Woronora River
Paddlers lining up for a SSCC 5 km TT

The annual SSCC 5Km Time Trial series is a fun cub paddling event, run on the Woronora River. Adults paddle a 5Km loop course. Juniors have the option to paddle a 5 or 2Km course. 

This is intended as a ‘fun’ event, and paddlers of all craft and ages are encouraged to enter. Doubles entries can be any combination of gender/ages.

All races are assigned a handicap by the timekeepers.

Race Schedule

All entries close at midnight on the Thursday before the event.

The start list and handicaps will be emailed out on the Friday night before the race.

All competitors should be in the start area at 09:00am on Sunday. Competitors start at 09:00 plus their handicap: eg. a 12 minute handicap means the racer starts at 09:12.

Subject to Covid restrictions, SSCC will host a BBQ at the clubhouse after the event.

Entry Fees

  • Adults $5
  • Under 18 $2

The entry fee includes a BBQ after the race.

Payable on the day in cash. Please bring the correct money.

How to Enter

If you want to paddle, you enter by sending an email to  BEFORE midnight on the Thursday before the race.  Let us know what craft you are paddling (if not your usual craft). Doubles only need one email entry, containing names of both paddlers. 

Following the process of emailing makes it much easier for the volunteer timekeepers. This address ensures the volunteers preparing for the upcoming race get all the correspondence. Please don’t email any individual club members directly or ‘tell’ someone that you’re racing. Entries must be received before midnight on the Thursday before the event (same as for PaddleNSW events) as the Timekeepers need time to prepare the Start List.

Paddlers gathered for a SSCC TT Race Briefing
Paddlers gathered for a SSCC TT Race Briefing

Please ensure you are familiar with the hazards present on the Woronora River prior to the commencement of the TT. There is an incomplete list on our Club Activities page.

5 km Standard Course

The normal time trials use a 5 km course, as specified on our Club Activities page: click this link.

2 km Short Course

The 2 km (short course) Time Trial course is available for our junior and beginner paddlers as an alternative to the 5 km TT distance. This allows paddlers to gain experience in organised paddling events whilst they are still developing their endurance and confidence.

A course map and description are available on our Club Activities page: click this link.

Anyone wishing to paddle the short course should make this clear when emailing their entry to 

Junior paddlers on the water
Junior paddlers on the water
Registration Closes Midnight Thursday before the event
Race Briefing Will be sent out on Friday evening
Race Day Sunday
Arrival 07:30 – car parking opens
08:15 – check in opens
08:40 – check in closes
Race Briefing 08:40
“Slot” closed 08:55 – no more non-race navigation through the slot
Start 09:00 (+ handicap) at the start line,
be there 1-2 minutes early
Finish Approx. 10:00
Club BBQ Approx. 10:15
Presentation Approx. 10:30


It is recommended to warmup from the beach near the clubhouse, around the island to the Woronora Bridge and then form up in handicap waves to approach the start line. The “slot” between the island and the peninsular forms part of the course and should be kept clear before the race where possible to minimise the chance of collision with paddlers starting at earlier handicaps.

There are three award categories for each individual race:

  • Line honours – first across the finish line
  • Fastest junior, double, female and male
  • Most improved Personal Best (PB)

There are also series awards.

Club president presenting the time trial PB award to a paddler
Timetrial: PB Award

There are compulsory minimum equipment requirements for entry, which must be observed by all entrants:

  • Each paddler must wear a Level 50 non-inflatable lifejacket for the full duration of the event
  • Each paddler must have a pea-less whistle
  • Each craft must have positive buoyancy, and float upright and level with the surface in order to provide support for a paddler
  • Each paddler must carry sufficient fluids and foods for their chosen distance

All paddlers and craft will be checked for minimum compliance prior to race start.

Participants can park in the club parking area at the SSCC Clubhouse in the Burnum Burnum Sanctuary. Entrance to the clubhouse is via the Bonnet Bay Baseball field, 220 Washington Drive

Weather and tide information will be included in the Race Briefing.


Paddlers should attempt the course before the race, familiarise themselves with the course and potential hazards (eg boat traffic). Prior to the start of the race, paddlers should warm up. After the race, paddlers should cool down. Paddling from the clubhouse beach around the island to the start/finish line is a common warmup route of about 800 metres. Adding a turn around Woronora Bridge brings this up to about 1.5 km.


Paddlers should wear clothing appropriate to the conditions. Sunscreen, hat and UV protective clothing should be worn.

Fluids & Food

All competitors should take an appropriate amount of water and/or sports fluids for their expected race time plus warm-up and cool-down time. Most paddlers are on the water for close to an hour.

Given the short nature of this race, there is no requirement for participants to carry any food.

All events need volunteers and our club events are no exception. If you’re not planning to paddle, why not email to join the volunteer team.

Volunteer timekeeping in foreground. Background: paddlers lining up for a SSCC 5 km TT on the Woronora River
A volunteer timekeeper marshals paddlers to the start line for a SSCC TT